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Bridging Healthcare Silos: Jordana’s Journey with Recovery Mobile Clinic

by Biztechoutlook

Bridging Healthcare Silos: Jordana's Journey with Recovery Mobile Clinic

What led you to start Recover Mobile Clinic? What gap in the industry did you aim to address?

The Recovery Mobile Clinic units are mobile medical teams that offer medical and social services onsite at your location similar to that of a local Doctor Office or Urgent Care. Our teams are comprised of Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, EMT/Paramedics, Medical Assistants, Social Workers, Peer Recovery Coaches and other people dedicated to improving the health of our communities.

Our mobile model increases treatment availability to a population who is largely under-served. Being mobile gives us the flexibility to come to your support group, office, local safe harbor, etc. to help ensure you or your clients/patients receive the additional medical help they need.

The Recovery Mobile Clinic is also dedicated to providing treatment options for drug & alcohol addiction that have been proven effective in decreasing relapse rates. We want to work with you and your local addiction support groups, churches, counselors, therapists, parole officers, attorneys, and physicians.

 As a NP in the Primary care and addiction sector in Michigan in a traditional office, we noticed a patient loss of around 30% to follow up or relapse due to transportation barriers. I thought “we have to do better”. Well, my husband sells RV’s for a living. So, we started thinking why the mobile model, which works for so many other emerging healthcare sectors, is not utilized in Michigan.

We look at the Recovery Mobile Clinic as a way to “bridge the gap between the Silos of healthcare. By traveling to homeless shelters, transitional houses, community centers, churches, food banks and more, we find patients who have fallen through the gaps. We address their mental health, addiction health, and primary care needs where they are, establish trust and gently encourage them and transition them back into the traditional models of healthcare.

How did you plan to handle the situation during the pandemic, and how did Recovery Mobile Clinic help patients and practicing doctors?

Well, we founded the Recovery Mobile clinic in Feb 2020. What we started seeing when we approached potential partners and municipalities is that “we were doing great work, but we can do it somewhere else.” I joke that we were seen as the Pied piper, that we would bring “trouble” with us. This is the essence of the Stigma against mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Then the pandemic hit…… PIVOT!!!!! In Michigan march is cold, and we saw an unprecedented event of shelters, housing situations, AA/NA, treatment facilities, PCP and more closing their doors. We needed to act fast to get people indoors, housing, treatment etc., When we started offering covid tests and later, vaccines, now we were not seen as a problem, but a solution!!

We stayed open, encouraging testing, vaccination and primary care and medical support to those high risk “super spreader” areas that other healthcare providers were unable to address.

Reflecting on your journey as an entrepreneur, if given the opportunity to change something, what would you change?

There are always pitfalls to starting a business and especially such a unique mobile model that we have. We had to learn how to grow appropriately and not too fast, to balance cash flow and the mission. Sometimes that meant closing unsuccessful or underutilized sites. That was hard for me to do, feeling that I was abandoning patients and communities, but financial feasibility is essential to make sure that the program can continue running to support the areas that have a higher utilization of services. What we are trying to do now is create a guidebook, if you will, a blueprint, for other Nurse Practitioners coming behind us. That way we can help them reproduce what we are doing at the Recovery Mobile Clinic and make it easier for the next wave!

What inspired you to discover your leadership qualities, and how did your previous professional experience contribute to your role as a leader within the organization?

Challenges are what teach you what you are capable of. Start Small. At first, it was just me and my COO. Then we brought on 1 employee, then 2 and then the expansion of 1 site to 2 and so on. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, it is ok to take baby steps. I say attitude makes ALL the difference. Instead of telling yourself that you can’t do something, you have to ask yourself HOW, then go! 

What has been the most significant driving factor for you as a leader and entrepreneur?

My partner and Fantastic Staff. The whole team has a passion to save lives, increase healthcare accessibility and make a difference. When you have a team that is ad excited as you are, they propel you forward. New Ideas, new avenues, no ventures! None of this is possible as a one-person show. The Culture of the organization is very team based, but Patient focused! Treat the patient first, do the right thing, and the rest will follow automatically.

That being said, fear can get the best of me occasionally, and it is always my Partner and COO that is the constant support, encouragement and the person that believes in my dream the most, that is the most influential Inspiration for me. When I falter, he reminds me of why we are doing and why and supports me until I get my drive back!

What does the future hold for you and Recovery Mobile Clinic? What aspect are you most excited about? What does the Future NOT hold?

 There is so much work to be done in this field. We are planning the development an APP to further increase accessibility to Naltrexone as well as treatment for HEP C and HIV prevention. We are working on the process of reproducing more territories in Michigan and hopefully, one day, in all 48 states of the USA. We are helping to train the next generation of Nurses, MD, DO, social workers, psychologists and criminal justice majors on identifying, engaging with and treatment of the population suffering from Mental health and Substance Use Disorder.

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Jordana is a ACNP and is passionate about her work. However, she also enjoys spending time with her family, her dogs and engaging in activities such as water sports and gardening.

“Redeem yourself, motivate today, to be better than yesterday, commit to the change you want”

 “Everyday is a great day to save a life”

 “There are always pitfalls to starting a business and especially such a unique mobile model that    we have.We had to learn how to grow appropriately and not too fast”

 Company Name : Recovery Mobile clinic

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 Management Team

 Jordana Latozas – Owner & Founder

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