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Building the Future: nVolve Technologies’ Revolutionary Approach to Rapid and Sustainable High-Tech Housing Construction

by Biztechoutlook

nVolve Technologies' CEO, Kari Myllykoski, Explores the High-Tech Future of Housing in an Exclusive Interview with Biz Tech Outlook

Building the Future: nVolve Technologies' Revolutionary Approach to Rapid and Sustainable High-Tech Housing Construction

What is nVolve Technologies, and how does it revolutionize the housing industry?

nVolve Technologies develops high concept housing components by leveraging in-house built fusionSIP panels (Structured Insulated Panels). These panels can be configured on-line, with each being built in a controlled factory environment. The whole system can ultimately be assembled on-site in less than three weeks by no more than three people. nVolve Technologies is a true High-Tech Construction company, controling the full patent pending product cycle from Design through Manufacturing. We deliver most of the fusionSIP products and solutions through selected partner network.

Can you Really build a fully constructed house in less than three weeks?

The patent pending nVolve Building System was developed to radically change and improve the homebuilding process and provide the Best Cost of Ownership to our customers. “We don’t build “tiny or affordable” homes!”, Instead, nVolve offers a very high-quality home that can be delivered quickly and installed with minimal need for local contractors. It is designed to make effective use of living space in a very energy efficient package giving the homeowner or the real estate investor the possibility to easily expand the house at any time. Experienced modular builders can complete projects 50- 70% faster than their “stick building” counterparts. The production of fully completed modules in a factory prevents delays caused by changeable on-site weather and labor conditions. It allows builders to work in a controlled environment, using repetitive techniques with convenient tools and equipment. Building crews working in factory settings can literally work around the clock. Structural panels can be completely fabricated on off- site factories and locked together very quickly once they arrive on site. Experienced crews can erect a wall system for an entire home in one or two days rather than the week or more traditional construction crews require.

What is the minimum and maximum parcel size your technology can accommodate?

The number of nVolve units to make a neighborhood is determined by the local municipality. Our units can be built 1 to an acre or in some cases up to 9 per acre.

Could you elaborate on the technologies and techniques employed by your company to safeguard against natural calamities?

Manufacturing Structurally Insulated Panels requires significantly less energy and fewer natural resources than traditional construction methods. Panels are manufactured in factories and transported to their final location for erection. Since panels are preconfigured at the factory, there is minimal construction waste headed to landfills. Since panels interlock together there is less noise pollution for businesses and residents in the surrounding area.

“We started nVolve Technologies with the intent of providing a highly predictable, and easy to erect building envelope “system”, that would be both stronger and more energy efficient than traditional wood-based building systems” says Kari Myllykoski CEO of nVolve Technologies. “There just HAD to be a better way to build a house than assembling it stick by stick!” says the principal and co-founder of the nVolve Technologies. “Building SIPs in a factory environment provides consistency and increases both quality and wall as well as roof thermal efficiency. Best of all, the structural envelope is fully enclosed more than 50% faster than with a traditional build. With the right design and using our patent pending IP the house can be built to withstand CAT4 winds.”

What is the biggest differentiator for nVolves Products?

nVolve Technologies new fusionSIP© is truly a next generation product. Fusion SIPs utilize high quality aluminium skins on both the interior and exterior of the panel. Individual panes are connected to each other with an innovative “Fusion Core” that provides both structural integrity and chases for electrical and water lines. With more than 4 individual patents applied for, nVolve Technologies is taking “dead aim” at the very fast growing pre-fabricated building industry. The new nVolve factory in College Station, TX is already being set up to mass produce both fusionSIP©’s and a variety of pre-fabricated “units” like kitchens and baths that can even further reduce the demand for local subcontractors.

nVolve Technologies new fusionSIP© based houses can be build in different ways. Each unit is constructed with a metal frame that can be installed in multiple ways including on helical piers, traditional concrete foundations or a standard concrete slab.

Could you provide insights into the future plans and strategies of your company, particularly in terms of growth and technology advancements?

nVolve Technologies designers and engineers are currently working on the long-term product roadmap that will give our customers and partners the best possible “Building Envelop”. Expanding the variety of different pre-made components including integrated solarSIP panels will give homeowners more size and multi-floor options. Our patented connection systems will create a bright future for nVolve Technologies.

Can you share information about yourself and your team, highlighting key members and their roles in driving the company’s success?

Kari is a serial entrepreneur with many successful startups in Finland, Sweden and America, including Xplore Technologies Inc. (XPLR: NASDAQ), where Kari was a co-founder and VP of Business Development. He is also a founder of 7 other startups from SaaS solutions to Computer Vision to high- end computers and Modular Housing. For the last seven years, all of Kari’s work experience has been concentrated mostly in AI, Computer Vision, Blockchain, ML, NLP, Intelligent Automation, other advanced technologies and outsourcing. Kari is currently the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Nvolve Technologies Inc.

Dave has a Master’s Degree in Film Direction and spent 17 years working with top production companies in Hollywood, building large-scale high-tech attractions for Disney in Florida, and pioneering the Family Entertainment Center industry throughout the US. His experience as a “C” level business consultant along with his background in the real estate industry as a project manager, developer and builder was a perfect blend of skills to join the team. Dave’s experience designing and developing projects for Disney and Epcot translates perfectly to Nvolve’s commitment to “lifestyle living”.

Glen has over 20 years of experience in all areas of product design from tech to construction to educational toys, he has won many awards for innovative design, including the prestigious IDEA award, and has 13 patents (and counting) to his name, Glen is clearly an accomplished design leader.

William is Board Member and Head of the Business Development at Nvolve Technologies, a building “technology” company that focuses exclusively on developing new technology that allows us to build better, energy efficient residential, commercial and retail buildings very cost effectively. William works directly in the areas of leadership, business development, innovation, operational analysis, negotiation, strategic planning and green and sustainable building materials and technologies.

“nVolve Technolgies PreFab housing will provide our customers the Best Cost of Ownership”

 “There just HAD to be a better way to build a house than assembling it stick by stick!”

 Company Name : nVolve Technologies

 Website :

 Management Team

 Kari Myllykoski, Chairman
 Dave Kowert, Chief Executive Officer
 William Böll, Co-Founder
 Glen Clifton, Director Product Design


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