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CharSan Insurance: Pioneering Insurance Solutions in a Dynamic World

by Biztechoutlook

Dive into this insightful interview with CharSan Insurance, a prominent provider of tailored insurance solutions. Gain valuable insights into the company's journey and its ambitious mission to revolutionize the industry. Explore their diverse range of insurance services and uncover the invaluable advice they have for the aspiring entrepreneurs of the future

CharSan Insurance: Pioneering Insurance Solutions in a Dynamic World

Please provide our readers with an introduction to yourself and your professional experience.

I am a Cuban-American professional in the field of business insurance who relocated to the USA in 2004. My journey in the insurance industry began in 2006 when I started as a front desk employee. Over time, I acquired the essential experience needed to establish my own insurance agency in 2020, with a specific focus on serving the construction sector. I have earned certifications such as CPIA from AIMS Society, CRIS and MLIS from IRMI, and CIRE from NWCA.

Could you detail the types of insurance services your company offers and highlight the types of insurance that will be in high demand for both businesses and individuals in the future?

We provide a range of insurance options designed to meet the needs of business owners in the construction sector and beyond. Furthermore, we actively assist customers with insurance audits and help them stay in compliance with their job-related obligations.

We majorly focus on General Liability, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, Commercial Umbrella, Excess Liability, Contractors Equipment, Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions, Directors & Offices (D&O), Employment Practices Liability (EPL), Employment Benefits Liability (EBL), Crime Insurance, Cyber Liability, Builders Risk, Flood Insurance (Commercial Buildings), Owners and Contractors Protective Liability, Surety Bonds, Equipment Breakdown (Boiler and Machinery), DIC (Difference In Conditions), Special Event Insurance, and Non-Profits.

Forecasting the future is a challenging task, but we can certainly observe emerging trends in the demand for specific insurance products. These trends are a result of our continuously evolving society, which is constantly adjusting to changes. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in the need for products related to home offices and workers’ compensation for remote employees. Similarly, the ongoing concerns about climate change are steadily increasing the demand for insurance coverage against events like wildfires, hurricanes, and floods. Furthermore, global supply chains have been impacted by disruptions caused by various factors, prompting businesses to explore insurance options as a way to mitigate the financial consequences of such disruptions.

 Explain how your company assists customers in making timely payments and how you support them when they need to make a claim?

 We reach out to our clients when it’s time for their payments, utilizing automated systems to send reminders. A significant portion of our clientele operates from different locations, both out of town and out of state. Additionally, we provide support throughout the claims process and offer guidance, as making unnecessary claims can have an impact on their insurance record.

At CharSan Insurance & Consulting, we work hard to maintain the highest level of customer service and offer our clients the best experience always. Excellence and integrity are our top priorities. We believe that you should know every detail of your policies and coverages. Going the extra mile to help you is a standard rule in our agency

Share the inception story of your company, including the initial challenges you faced and the strategies that propelled you to achieve your goals.

CharSan Insurance was established with the aim of assisting the Hispanic community within the Charlotte Metropolitan Area, with a particular focus on the thriving construction sector in the Carolinas. The name “CharSan” is a fusion of two cities, with “Char” representing Charlotte and “San” from San Jose de Las Lajas, the place where I emigrated from in Cuba. This name choice serves as a reminder of my Cuban heritage and keeps my cultural roots alive, while at the same time establishes a connection with the Hispanic community in the area.

During this period, we confronted several obstacles, with one of the most significant being the aftermath of COVID-19, which led to reduced working hours and lingering effects. Nonetheless, we consistently explore innovative strategies to adapt and survive, including the increased utilization of automated systems.

Give us more insight into Charsan Insurance, its vision, and mission. How does your company aim to make a significant impact on the industry?
CharSan aims to establish itself as a reliable and forward-thinking frontrunner in the insurance sector, offering personalized and extensive coverage options to address the changing requirements of our clients, all while upholding the utmost levels of integrity and customer service excellence.

 Our mission is to offer customized insurance solutions that bring financial security, peace of mind, and value to our clients, particularly within the Hispanic community. We specifically target the Hispanic community within the construction sector, addressing language barriers. Our commitment lies in understanding our clients’ unique needs, providing expert guidance, and fostering enduring relationships founded on trust.

Our dedication lies in transforming the way customers perceive the insurance aspect of their business. Often, insurance is viewed merely as an additional expense rather than the crucial protection it represents. Our goal is to educate our clients, ensuring they select the appropriate coverage and make informed decisions regarding their insurance needs. This is the profound impact we aim to bring to the industry.

Drawing from your experience, what advice would you offer to the next generation of businesspeople as they plan their entrepreneurial journey?

Allow your entrepreneurial journey to be fueled by your passion and purpose. This inner drive will provide you with the strength and resilience needed to overcome obstacles along the way. Be ready to embrace change and be prepared to adjust your plans multiple times. Avoid rigid adherence to a single methodology, as in our rapidly evolving world, it can become outdated within a mere 24 hours. Stay creative and remain open to innovation. And, of course, make sure you are adequately covered by the right insurance policies!


“In the realm of insurance, wisdom is your strongest coverage”.

“Allow your entrepreneurial journey to be fueled by your passion and purpose.”

“Forecasting the future is a challenging task, but we can certainly observe emerging trends in the demand for specific insurance products.”

“Our mission is to offer customized insurance solutions that bring financial security and peace of mind.”

 Company Name : CharSan Insurance

 Website : www.charsanusa.com

 Management Team

 Saray Uribe, Agency Owner

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