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Home Top Security Companies To Watch 2023 Context-aware security and compliance services are provided by Orca Security, a leader in cloud security innovation.

Context-aware security and compliance services are provided by Orca Security, a leader in cloud security innovation.

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Context-aware security and compliance services are provided by Orca Security, a leader in cloud security innovation.

Cloud security, often referred to as cloud computing security, is a group of security controls intended to safeguard data, programmes, and infrastructure that are hosted in the cloud. These steps guarantee device and user authentication, data and resource access control, and data privacy protection. Additionally, they aid in data regulatory compliance. Given that the majority of businesses already use cloud computing in some capacity, cloud security is essential. Protecting data and business information, such as customer orders, top-secret design papers, and financial records, is a key aspect of cloud security. Attackers frequently use several resources to accomplish their objective. In order to go on to the next target, they may use their initial foothold to search connected assets for unencrypted keys and other information. Maintaining consumer trust and safeguarding the resources that contribute to your competitive advantage depend on preventing leaks and data theft.

Orca Security, a pioneer in cloud security, offers AWS, Azure, and GCP workload-deep security and compliance without the coverage gaps, alert fatigue, or operational expenses of agents. Orca prioritises risk based on the seriousness of the underlying security issue as well as the environmental context, including its accessibility and possible harm to the business, in contrast to rival technologies that function in silos. With just the crucial handful that matter and their exact path to remediation, this eliminates hundreds of worthless security notifications.
Orca Security’s patent-pending SideScanningTM technology, which is offered as a SaaS, analyses the runtime block storage of your workloads and cloud setup out-of-band to find vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, lateral movement risk, weak and leaked passwords, and unsecured PII. All of your workloads—VMs, containers, and serverless—are covered by SideScanningTM. Because no opcode operates within your cloud environment, Orca Security deploys in minutes as opposed to months. Orca enables security teams to swiftly obtain vital intelligence by querying cloud estate data and automatically assigning cloud security issues to certain teams for more effective triage, remediation, and compliance management.

Organisations Are Given Access to a Revolutionary Cloud Security Platform

Orca’s SideScanning™: Utilise the agentless cloud-native security and compliance platform from Orca to obtain full visibility and coverage into AWS, Azure, and GCP in a fraction of the time and operational costs of competing solutions. In contrast to parasitic programmes that occupy your workload, SideScanning gathers data from the outside. With read-only access to the runtime block storage used by the workloads, Orca can build a thorough risk profile of your cloud estate in minutes rather than months. Without running a single line of code in your environment or sending a single packet over the network, Orca’s SideScanning enables you to obtain full visibility and coverage. As a result, there was no downtime and no effect on users’ workloads. There is a tonne of information about cloud security, but it is challenging to understand and use. This causes ineffective workflows between security, DevOps, and IT, which causes organisational conflict and the failure to get crucial alerts. Advanced querying, alerting, and automation are the three main features offered by the query language used by Orca. Write your own unique alert queries or use one of the 600 pre-built system queries. You can monitor anything if you can question it. With Orca’s auto-ticketing support, you can automate your cloud security by generating bespoke alerts from queries and incorporating them into current remediation workflows.

Orca’s Context Engine: Security teams lose time manually comparing large amounts of low-risk warning data from various security solutions. You will have to conduct all the labor-intensive work because these alerts lack prioritisation and useful information. Bid farewell to alert fatigue, false positives, and speculation. Orca is the only provider that uses context-aware security intelligence to analyse all potential attack vectors to prioritise risks and threats across your whole cloud estate. To accurately evaluate your cloud security posture, Orca’s graph-based visualisation maps all of your cloud assets and relationships from the viewpoint of an attacker. Based on the most likely attack vectors and routes to your sensitive assets, Orca prioritises risk. A comprehensive repair plan with straightforward mitigation instructions fits in perfectly with your current workflow, increasing the efficacy and efficiency of your team. Users can make effective contextual queries using Orca’s Domain Specific Language. Anyone can query their data and create unique alerts without having any development skills thanks to built-in templates and a straightforward query builder. In order to improve your security posture, Orca advises corrective actions for risks and vulnerabilities it finds in your cloud estate.

Built-in cloud compliance: At cloud scale, achieve regulatory compliance. Replace numerous, unrelated tools and instantly cover your whole cloud estate. Address compliance holes. Show proof of your capacity to locate and safeguard private information (PII). Orca recognises sensitive data in your cloud estate in a unique way and notifies you of potential exploitation avenues. For a variety of workflow and notification systems, including Jira, ServiceNow, Slack, and PagerDuty, Orca provides complete customization and automation, including auto-ticketing features. With cloud security automation and customization, get the right teams the right information at the right time. Prioritise, adapt, and incorporate warnings into your current workflows to boost productivity, hasten correction, and maximise return on investment. All major frameworks, including PCI-DSS, AWS CIS, Azure CIS, GCP CIS, Docker CIS, Orca Best Practises, and many others, have compliance controls that are directly mapped to in Orca.

A Consistently Trustworthy Leader

Avi Shua is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Orca Security. He has over 25 years of cybersecurity experience. Avi held important positions within Unit 8200, the Israeli NSA, and was the top technologist at Check Point Software Technologies prior to co-founding Orca Security. He developed and scaled cybersecurity solutions while at Check Point, which are still protecting tens of thousands of businesses today. According to Avi, cybersecurity tools should never be used to undermine an organisation.

“We’re on a mission to make it quick, simple, and affordable for businesses to fix the serious security problems in their AWS, Azure, and GCP estates so they can confidently use the cloud.”

 Company Name : Orca Security

 Website : www.orca.security

 Management Team                                           Gil Geron,   Cheif Executive Officer & Co-   Founder

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