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Diginex: Next generation digitizer for sustainability

by Biztechoutlook

"Advancing Sustainability: Diginex's Innovative Strategies for a Better Future, as Shared in an Exclusive Discussion with Biz Tech Outlook"

Diginex: Next generation digitizer for sustainability

What is Diginex? What are the services provided by your company?

The world has entered a new era of compliance in sustainability and many companies lack the tools, knowledge and resources to respond to the growing demand for ESG data. At Diginex, we are inspired by the mission of developing user-friendly software solutions that help companies stay on track with the rapidly evolving reporting landscape.

Since the founding of Diginex in 2020, the team has built accessible and intelligent products to help democratize sustainability reporting. One of our flagship products is diginexESG, an end-to-end solution helping small and mid-cap enterprises to collect, analyse and share their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data, in alignment with global standards. From topic discovery to data collection and reporting compilation, diginexESG supports small and mid-cap enterprises along the way. With diginexLUMEN, we empower a new era of supply chain risk assessment and improvements for the companies with large and complex supply chains. Well-known brands deploy LUMEN, as they are looking to assess sustainability and human rights impacts in their global supply chain and through the integrated worker voice solution diginexAPPRISE, proactively engage workers in their lower tiers. Since the launch of the business in 2020, we have onboarded over 3000 companies and scaled the products to be deployed in 45+ countries and 40+ industries.

What is DiginexESG? How is it different from other competitors?

Our diginexESG product is quite unique in the market, as it helps small and mid-cap enterprises (SMEs) with limited experience and knowledge in sustainability/ESG reporting to collect, analyse and align their data with global reporting frameworks and standards. We break the process down into simple steps: First, companies can discover the most relevant ESG topics with our materiality engine, rank them and validate through stakeholder surveys. Users can then pick and choose from a wide range of ESG frameworks and standards and start collecting the data across multiple teams and disclosures, through our ESG data management feature. Ultimately, they will validate and export the reports to be shared with key stakeholders. The platform is furthermore equipped with more advanced features, such as our blockchain-enabled audit trail and evidence management features, to help ensure secure and transparent data management.

It has been amazing to witness the steep learning curve and effects the ESG reporting solution has had on our clients C-Level and sustainability professionals. Many of our clients seize the opportunity of leveraging the power of technology, for managing their sustainability data efficiently and transparently. Once these companies have a good handle on reporting, they quickly turn their attention towards identifying areas for improvement. Our clients also tend to start to invest into strategic ESG initiatives, build up a culture of sustainability, setting up governance mechanisms and ESG committees at C-level and properly integrate sustainability into their general risk management frameworks.

Please share your professional experience, which helped you to become a successful leader. What are the principles you follow, to keep yourself energetic, active and productive?


At Diginex, I lead the Sustainability/ESG business line, ranging from advisory, strategic client and partner engagements to thought leadership and collaborate closely with my colleagues across product/technology and commercial teams. Over the course of my professional experience, I have gained experience working with a wide range of organizations from professional services, fintech to renown international organizations, often operating at the intersection of public and private sectors.

It has always been rewarding to surround myself with leaders from different disciplines and working collectively towards the most complex societal challenges. I have been inspired by the leadership of likeminded fellows, and sometimes how they have dealt with some of the unavoidable failures. In a world, where we are all juggling multiple responsibilities and desires, it is ever more important that we build connections to one another and lift each other up. Sometimes the answer is as simple as a good book recommendation.

Personally, I prioritize having a clear sense of purpose, focus and putting on a learning mindset in every situation. A very practical tool I use is journaling, whereby I focus on big ideas, connecting the dots and projecting my professional and personal goals out as far as 5-10 years. All these elements have helped me to put things into perspective, stay engaged and motivated, unlock creativity when I feel in the “flow” and push through times when I feel the weight of competing demands.

How should a person enroute the journey in life to become a business leader?

I like to remind people that a key ingredient to success is “active listening”. Harnessing the skill of empathy enables you to refine ways of adding value to the other party and true win-win partnerships. When you expand this concept to life, you start to understand that the most important partnership is with yourself, thus your professional ambitions should be designed in harmony with your personal objectives. Of course, in day-to-day life this can sometimes be a delicate balancing act, especially when you have a family and are active in an entrepreneurial business context, such as myself. However, you learn quickly that living your professional life at the expense of your personal, or vice versa is not sustainable, yet when both are in alignment you carry positive energy and become more resilient.

Finally, I’d recommend continuously challenging yourself beyond your comfort zone. I sometimes see people act as victims of their own circumstances. Claim back control to live up to the standards you set for yourself so you can be both, successful and fulfilled.

Could you please elaborate on the strategies and efforts undertaken by your team to realize the company’s vision?

At Diginex, we are a dedicated global team of professionals. My colleagues combine a broad set of expertise, ranging from product and technology to sustainability/ESG, human rights and supply chains to commercial experiences.

The early identification of our client’s needs and building continuous feedback loops into our product development cycle has helped us to respond to the needs of corporate clients and partner with relevant public sector organizations, such as the United Nations International Organization of Migration UN IOM, global NGO Winrock and the US Department of Labor US DOL.

“We empower a new era of supply chain risk assessment and improvements”

“I prioritize having a clear sense of purpose, focus and putting on a learning mindset in every situation.”

 Company Name : Diginex

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 Management Team

 Jessica Camus, Chief Corporate Affairs   Officer
 Mark Blick, Chief Executive Officer
 Gray Bridges, Chief Technology Officer
 Christian Thierfelder, Chief Operating   Officer

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