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iProov uses strong biometric facial authentication and identity verification technology to make the internet a safer place

by Biztechoutlook

iProov uses strong biometric facial authentication and identity verification technology to make the internet a safer place

Protecting sensitive information gets more challenging as technology permeates every area of modern life and our environment becomes more digital. Once thought to be enough for data protection, passwords and keys now appear flimsy in the face of sophisticated cyber attacks. In actuality, a company’s security system’s weakest link is its use of passwords. This is due to the fact that they can be shared and that many techniques can be used to crack them, even ones with high entropy. Recent incidents of identity theft and network security breaches serve as further evidence that a strong authentication technique is necessary in the modern era. Because biometric security is the only reliable means of establishing a person’s identification, this has drawn attention to it. Each person has intrinsic and distinctive biometric attributes, which include physical and behavioural qualities like fingerprints, the face, the iris, the stride, the voice, etc. Because biometric characteristics are a natural part of an individual, biometric security systems can confirm a person’s identification with the highest level of precision and dependability.

The pioneer in biometric face verification is iProov. We make it possible for banks, governmental bodies, and other organisations to confirm that an online person is who they say they are. This makes it simpler to use internet services while assisting in the prevention of identity theft and other forms of cybercrime. The US Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, the NHS, Eurostar, the Australian government, the Singapore government, ING, and numerous more organisations use iProov’s distinctive, patented technology. The only way to confirm an online user’s genuine presence and make sure they are the proper person, a real person, and authenticating right now is using the company’s flagship Genuine Presence Assurance® technology. The Liveness AssuranceTM technology ensures the user is the correct person and a real person while providing an effortless and passive user experience.

Genuine Presence Assurance®: The Signature Technology of iProov

The only method to verify that an online user is the correct person, a genuine person, and that they are authenticating right now is with Genuine Presence Assurance®. Organisations all over the world use it to confirm the identification of their customers. It enables you to provide the industry’s most secure online authentication process, increases online customer conversion rates with simple usability, lowers fraud risk, and ensures regulatory compliance. It protects your company from machine-driven assaults from deep fakes and other new dangers. Banks and financial institutions can easily onboard and verify consumers online with biometrics to ensure world-class security only with Genuine Presence Assurance® from iProov. The active threat management service offered by iProov is called the Security Operations Centre (iSOC). It offers Genuine Presence Assurance® users enduring security guarding against a constantly changing threat scenario.

Using an online identification platform, we can make the online world safer and more secure.

iProov Enroller: Organisations may offer simple, secure online customer onboarding thanks to iProov Enroller. Enroller, which is based on iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance® technology, employs a single face biometric scan to confirm that a user is who they claim to be by comparing their image to that on a photo ID or other reliable document. Additionally, it distinctly verifies that the authentication is happening in real time and that the person is actually there. Banks, governments, health and travel organisations, and social networks all utilise iProov Enroller to verify that online users are who they claim to be.

iProov Face Verifier: Organisations can verify a user’s face against a pre-enrolled biometric template using iProov Face Verifier. To verify that the person is the right person, a real person, and is authenticating right now, Face Verifier makes use of iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance® technology. It can be used as a stand-alone authentication method, a multi-factor authentication method, or a step-up authentication method.

Basic Face Verifier: The Liveness Assurance™ technology used by the iProov Basic Face Verifier ensures that the person in question is the correct one and offers some assurance that they are a real person. It provides a low-ceremony, passive user experience that ensures safe and secure authentication.

iProov Palm Verifier: An organisation can remotely authenticate clients using the biometric Palm Verifier from iProov. The only hand biometric technology in the world, Palm Verifier, offers Genuine Presence Assurance®, which verifies a user is the correct user, a genuine person, and authenticates in the present.

Meet the Leader

Andrew founded iProov in 2011. He has been a mobile industry pioneer and entrepreneur with thirty years of experience. He established mBlox in 1999, and it quickly rose to become the largest provider of SMS transmission for business applications worldwide. In his role as CEO, Andrew transformed the company into a flourishing high-throughput technology-based service company. The international trade group for the mobile content and commerce sector, MEF, is likewise presided over by Andrew.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, a Chartered Engineer, and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. He was appointed to these positions in 2020. The Queen appointed him a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in the New Year’s Honours List for 2020.

“We want to make it as simple as possible for you to collaborate with us so that we can jointly provide the greatest biometric authentication available.”

 Company Name : iProov

 Website : www.iproov.com

 Management Team                                           Andrew Bud CBE FREng FIET,Founder &   Cheif Executive Officer

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