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MG Collectibles and Toys

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MG Collectibles and Toys

Establishing a successful business is not easy because it requires planning, goal setting, hard work, dedication, etc. Most businesses will implement the best strategies to become more successful in the market. On the other hand, they will change their minds after establishing their businesses successfully. They become less costumer-oriented and focus more on generating high profits. Mathew Granberg, the CEO of MG Collectibles and Toys (MGCT), has decided to change the scenario and wanted to establish a reliable customer base for his business. He and his team work on various things to ensure high success rates.

The journey of Mathew Granberg and the inception of MG Collectibles and Toys

Mathew Granberg grew up in a family that supported all his activities when he wanted to become an entrepreneur. As a result, he started to invest most of his time in starting various businesses with creativity. He built his dream business that revolved around the pop culture niche because he was a huge fan of it. Furthermore, he used his intellect and in-depth knowledge while reselling LEGOs and designing costumes.

Mathew incorporated his business MG Collectibles and Toys in 2019 which started to sell other people’s products in New York State. He worked hard in his college first year and invested his efforts to pick a business model to ensure success. However, he approached Warner Bros to obtain a license to sell two famous cartoon characters such as Looney Tunes and Scooby Deo which resulted in the formation of MG Collectibles and Toys. At present, the store is selling 5 Looney Tunes statues that are up to 8 inches in height and 6 Scooby Deo statues that are 18 inches

The challenges faced by Mathew Granberg in his business

As a CEO and founder of MGCT, Granberg has to face several challenges after launching his business. Product development and manufacturing became major learning curves for him because he wanted to sell cartoon characters with the best representations. His team worked with three sculptors initially to design statues for cartoon characters with excellent approaches to enhance the look and feel.

He wanted to reduce production costs in China, but it resulted in quality concerns and other problems. Hence, he partnered with a US manufacturer recently to make sure that the products are 100 % made in his country that cater to the needs of customers. The local manufacturer beat their old company in production costs and other things such as lead time, quality, delivery, etc. MGCT spent some time on product improvement that made the company grab the

attention of more customers. It also has an excellent and experienced team to ensure that customers receive high-quality products without any delays.

Things that made MGCT a successful business

  1. Unique leadership of Mathew Granberg

Mathew Granberg is a unique leader because he thinks differently when it comes to product development and other things. He takes care of customer satisfaction, fan engagement, and other activities with innovative approaches for the growth of his business. Besides that, he shares his knowledge and experience with his team which resulted in better results. He is also thankful to his mentors who played a key role in his journey and career path. Apart from this, Mathew likes to learn new things to improve his business in the market.

  1. Excellent teamwork

Teamwork is necessary for any business to ensure smooth operations in the market. MGCT has an excellent team that follows the motto “For The Fans, By The Fans”. It makes sure that no customer is left out and that every customer has something to buy. Mathew is leading an amazing team in his business and focusing on a global network to increase growth rates.

Peter Muzzio who is the Chief Operating Officer of MGCT’s team is the in charge of all logistical and shipping tasks. Don Widmer is the Chief Product Officer of MGCT who contributes more to the company in the product development process which increased sales. He is also responsible for licensing and product offerings to reach customers without any hassles. Brian Esposito is the Chief Strategy Officer of the company whose job is to build strategic alliances with licensors, distributors, and others to expand the business.

  1. Optimum customer satisfaction

A business should give more importance to customer satisfaction because it brings more sales. MGCT aims at satisfying the requirements of customers while offering products to them.  The company ensures that there is something for everyone when they want to buy a product. Mathew Granberg says that his company is actively engaged with potential customers through social media and other channels to know their needs and other things.

  1. Expanding income sources

The primary objective of MGCT is to achieve ambitious projections in the future with its innovative strategies. Mathew believes that his company will accomplish its goals in the coming years with investment partners. His company also planned to introduce some new products such as NFTs, graphic posters, prints, apparel, etc. Another thing is that the company is in the process of acquiring an additional 3 licenses which may increase further. MGCT is focusing on new team additions and finding hopeful investment partners to grow its business in global markets.

    5. Spending a beautiful life

Mathew spends time with his family for their betterment and future. He says that his family is the driving force that made him successful. Furthermore, he comes from a family that has a great support system to achieve his dreams and ambitions. He expressed his gratitude towards his parents, grandparents, friends, and others who supported him well in his career.

Piece of advice

Those who want to become entrepreneurs in an industry should consider following Mathew Granberg because he is a role model to them.

  • One should have strong determination and drive to achieve goals in life. They should never give up on dreams and learn more things from mistakes and others.
  • Networking is important for a business and individuals should consider creating an account on social media platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with industry experts easily

 Company Name : MG Collectibles and Toys

 Website : www.mgcollectiblessandtoys.com

 Management Team                                           Matthew Granberg Cheif Executive Officer

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