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Prerna Sinha: Transforming Tradition with Tech in the World of Sarees

by Biztechoutlook

"Urbane Essence's Founder on Reviving Saree Culture and Tech-Infused Textile Innovation"

Prerna Sinha: Transforming Tradition with Tech in the World of Sarees

In an exclusive interview with Biz Tech Outlook, Prerna Sinha, the founder of Urbane Essence, shares her transformative journey from a corporate leader to an entrepreneur who’s reshaping the narrative around traditional Indian wear. With a vision that goes beyond the literal essence of the word ‘urbane,’ Prerna discusses how technology plays a pivotal role in redefining the traditional saree culture and fostering inclusivity in the world of fashion.

Prerna, can you walk us through the inspiration behind Urbane Essence and how it’s making waves in the fashion industry?

Absolutely. The inspiration for Urbane Essence came from a personal struggle to balance the roles of a mother and a high-pressure corporate professional. This struggle led me to reevaluate my priorities and ultimately birthed the idea of celebrating the timeless elegance of sarees. Urbane Essence is not just about clothing; it’s about embracing body inclusivity and challenging societal norms. We’re making waves by reintroducing sarees into the wardrobes of modern Indian women, infusing tradition with a touch of modernity.

The cultural resurgence of sarees is a powerful narrative. How does Urbane Essence leverage technology in this revival?

Technology is a cornerstone of Urbane Essence’s mission. We use various tech-driven strategies to reach a wider audience and showcase the beauty of sarees. From our online platform that enables global accessibility to our utilization of social media for cultural narratives, technology plays a key role. Additionally, we employ tech in our backend processes to ensure efficient sourcing, inventory management, and a seamless customer experience.

Diversity seems to be a key focus for Urbane Essence. How do you source fabrics and designs from different parts of India, and what role does technology play in this process?

Our commitment to diversity is central to Urbane Essence’s ethos. We leverage technology to streamline the sourcing process, connecting with artisans and weavers from various regions. Our platform serves as a virtual marketplace, bringing together fabrics and designs from Bihar to Rajasthan. It’s about creating a digital ecosystem that celebrates the rich heritage of Indian textiles.

Can you shed light on Urbane Essence’s role in showcasing Indian textile heritage globally?Absolutely. Urbane Essence serves as a global ambassador for Indian textile heritage. Through our online presence and strategic partnerships, we’re able to showcase the diversity and richness of Indian fabrics to the world. We’re not just a brand catering to the Indian market; we’re on a mission to make Indian textiles a global phenomenon, and technology is instrumental in achieving that.

What’s next for Urbane Essence in terms of tech-infused innovation and expanding your impact?
The journey has just begun. We’re exploring augmented reality experiences for virtual try-ons, integrating AI for personalized recommendations, and further enhancing our online platform’s user experience. Additionally, we’re looking into blockchain for transparent supply chain management. The goal is to continue leveraging technology to make Urbane Essence a pioneer in tech-infused textile innovation and expand our impact on a global scale.

Prerna Sinha’s Urbane Essence is not just a fashion brand; it’s a tech-driven cultural movement. By blending tradition with innovation, Prerna is transforming the way we perceive and embrace Indian textiles. As she leads Urbane Essence into the future, it’s evident that the intersection of tech and tradition will continue to redefine the narrative of sarees in the modern world.

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