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Privci Enterprise: Innovating Data Privacy Solutions for a Secure Digital Future

by Biztechoutlook

Innovative Data Guardianship: A Conversation with Privci Enterprise's CTO on Securing Digital Privacy

Privci Enterprise: Innovating Data Privacy Solutions for a Secure Digital Future

In this digital world, privacy is of utmost importance. How does Privci Enterprise work on ensuring it?

Privci is a data protection software company committed to helping individuals and businesses avoid online traps and ensure the protection of their personal and professional data.

As such, one of its fundamental responsibilities is to provide users with timely and friendly insights into a website’s privacy practices, reputation, data breach history, and data mishandling.

To further protect privacy, Privci includes features that actively guard users against intrusive activities such as cross-site tracking, profiling, and unwanted third-party cookies, while also enabling them to conveniently request access to their data, correct incorrect information, or ask that their data be deleted from websites where they wish to exercise their data protection rights.

Ultimately, Privci’s objective is to give users the tools and information they need to fulfil all their personal data management and online privacy needs, in addition to promoting transparency and accountability among website operators.

Does Privci protect languages other than English? If not, how do you plan to expand globally?

At the moment, Privci can only process English-language policies. However, our team is actively working on improving Privci’s language processing capabilities and expanding its language support. We understand the importance of being able to analyse privacy policies in different languages, and we are committed to making Privci a globally accessible tool.

In the meantime, there are still language-independent functionalities in Privci that you can utilize. For example, preventing trackers, deleting user histories, blocking websites with problematic reputations, removing unwanted cookies, and providing opt-out assistance. These features do not rely on language processing and can help keep your online activities private.

We appreciate your patience as we work towards making Privci available in multiple languages. Please stay tuned for future updates and improvements.

AI is increasingly influential in the digital industry. How do you envision this technology and its integration in your industry?

As AI continues to advance, its integration into data privacy protection and human online behaviour risk is both promising and concerning.

On the other hand, AI can play a crucial role in enhancing data privacy protection. Privci, for instance, is significantly driven by AI. AI’s ability to identify and mitigate potential threats by analysing vast amounts of policies, detecting patterns, and identifying anomalies that might suggest a privacy breach or flag suspicious online behaviour that might pose a risk to individuals is largely enabled by AI.

However, the integration of AI in this context also raises concerns. One major concern is that AI algorithms are not immune to biases and errors. If these biases are present in the algorithms used for data privacy protection and threat assessment, it can lead to unjust or discriminatory outcomes. Due to that our team is making extra efforts to address algorithmic biases and ensure fair and unbiased decision-making.

What is digital footprint, how does Privci help users manage their online footprint?

Digital footprints refer to the combined traces and records of a person’s online activities, interactions, and communications. It includes information such as social media posts, browsing history, online purchases, and other online interactions that create a digital record.

Through automated tools, Privci plays an important role in reducing user’s digital footprints. Among them are:

  • Automatically analyse and identify potentially intrusive websites, enabling users to make timely, informed decisions about sharing their personal data.
  • Data access and erasure tools that allow users to easily exercise their data rights where they wish to get their data completely destroyed.
  • Alerting users to any potentially risky or damaging behaviours, as well as keeping them informed about their digital exposure.

Could you please share details about your previous professional experience and how it has contributed to successfully steering your business?

Starting off as an IT technician, I transitioned into information security early on in my career. Since then, I have been working as an information security specialist, but my interest has always gravitated towards the area of user behaviour change in the context of information security. One of the significant achievements in my career were the publication of a paper on Reducing the Cyber-Attack Surface in the Maritime through Individual Behaviour Change, which I co-authored with my PhD supervisor. This passion for applying behaviour change to reduce risk related to the human aspect of security, as well as standing up to autopilot clicks and websites that strategically guide users to agree to certain terms without explaining their motives, led me to develop Privci.

Can you tell us about the launch of Privci and your plans for the future?

Privci strives to become a leader in delivering innovative solutions related to data privacy and online behaviour risk management. In the fourth coming years, we look forward to investing heavily in the function of user risk management associated with online behaviour. A feature of Privci Enterprise that automates the entire process of end-user policy violation monitoring, awareness training, phishing campaigns, and behaviour risk assessment.

As the CTO of Privci Enterprise, what role do you play in the day-to-day operations of your company?

From deciding the direction of the technologies we deploy to leading critical business decision meetings to coding, I enjoy the challenge of problem-solving and the complexity of working in an always-developing environment. Each project presents me with new opportunities to learn and contribute to the society we live in and to the future of data protection – “in a world that is ever-more dominated by data”.

“AI can play a crucial role in enhancing data privacy protection.”

“AI continues to advance, its integration into data privacy protection and human online behaviour risk is both promising and concerning.”

“We live in a world that is ever-more dominated by data.”

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 Management Team

 Chupkemi Divine Chana, Director of   Technology

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