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Salt Creek Partners: Navigating the World of Mergers and Acquisitions for Client Success

by Biztechoutlook

An exclusive interview with Connor W. Tobia - Driving Success at Salt Creek Partners

Salt Creek Partners: Navigating the World of Mergers and Acquisitions for Client Success

How does Salt Creek Partners act as bridge between the acquisition seeker and investment partner?

Mergers & acquisitions play a key role in the growth of companies at every stage and across every industry. Engaging the services of an M&A advisor enhances the sale of privately held businesses by providing critical valuation counsel, identifying the best potential buyers, preparing a competitive auction, and strategizing ideal terms. SCP believes in the alignment of finances, values, and objectives, sharing the risks with our clients to achieve the optimal balance of quantitative and qualitative goals.

 Salt Creek Partners (SCP) provides advisory services for business owners during all stages of the transaction. Our main purpose as an M&A advisor is to ensure that our clients are taken care of in the fairest manner possible. We don’t just push to close deals. We make sure our clients are making the right decision for their business and select a true “partner” to help them achieve their goals.

How do you scale a company which will have potential growth in the future?

Our leadership brings together diverse and experienced backgrounds across a variety of industries, services, and geographies to provide our clients with unique and valued perspectives. Having advised across a wide range of transactions, we pride ourselves on our deep industry knowledge, rigorous analysis, and creative problem-solving. We forge strategic partnerships with our clients, driving transformative growth that creates real value.

 SCP has team members across the U.S. and services clients both nationally and internationally.

 You can scale a company in many ways, but all strategies fall into one of two categories: 1) organic growth; and 2) inorganic growth.

  • Organic growth can have a variety of meanings, including adding new products and/or services, acquiring new customers, diversifying end-markets, establishing work in new geographies, expanding hiring, and more.
  • Inorganic growth typically means engaging in M&A activity or the buying and selling of ownership interests in other companies to assist in the growth your business.

What types of industries do you cater to?

Our mission is centered on investing in long-term relationships with our clients through independent, trusted, and innovative advice, and achieving superior results in line with the overall strategic objectives of the company.

SCP is a generalist firm – we work with companies and investors across a variety of industries. That said, the individual specializations of our team members and firm’s growing market presence is creating significant interest for our services in the following industries: environmental, industrial services, infrastructure services, healthcare, aerospace, retail, and consumer cosmetics.

Can you share one particular company or incident that gave you immense experience in acting as a bridge between acquisition seekers and investment partners?

We gain critical experience on every transaction, but it is especially valuable insight when advising a client not to take the offers that the market is bearing. We advised a client a couple of years ago to hit pause on the process when we felt the offers being received were below the value of the company. We did not believe the prospective buyers were acting in good faith and would not be trustworthy partners moving forward.

We re-educated the client on the drivers of valuation, what it would mean if the client focused on improving these aspects of the business for 6 to 12 months, and how we could re-enter the process in a more advantageous position. In the end, the client heeded our advice and we were able to execute the transaction 16 months later at a valuation 33% higher than the previous year. Our client placed an immense level of trust in us to guide them through this period, and in the end, found the right partner at a fair value.

In your experience, can you share which industries are expected to experience peak growth in the second half of 2023?

We’re already seeing strong indications for second-half demand in Healthcare, Business Services (inclusive of environmental, infrastructure, industrial, and IT services), and Consumer & Retail.

What other services does your company provide to investors and seekers?

Our dedicated, collaborative team works closely with clients to understand their strategic and financial needs, providing executable options that align with the company’s objectives and interests.

Each engagement is an intellectual exercise requiring creativity and innovation. Our teams work closely with ownership to develop a strategy that optimizes and repositions their company to maximize valuation outcomes and certainty while minimizing disruption to the business.

In addition to our sell-side and buy-side advisory services, we provide various other consultation and valuation services to help position our clients for long-term success.

For companies seeking to sell their businesses, SCP’s end-to-end sell-side advisory services encompass every aspect of the transaction process. We begin with meticulous transaction strategy development and goal planning, followed by detailed enterprise valuations while positioning the business for the market. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we identify suitable buyers and proactively engage in targeted solicitation. Throughout the negotiation process, we work tirelessly to secure optimal terms, culminating in a seamless closing and funding process.

We cater to strategic acquirers, private equity groups, and family offices seeking to execute acquisitions of all types. Our extensive transactional, industry, and valuation expertise ensures a process tailored to your unique objectives. Our comprehensive buy-side advisory services encompass investment thesis validation, target identification, and custom approaches to potential acquisition targets. We skillfully navigate transaction negotiations and closing procedures, culminating in a well-planned business integration strategy.

We’d like you to spotlight your business leader and his experience for our aspiring readers, please share with us in detail.

Connor W. TobiaVice President of Investment Banking Division.

Connor is a seasoned M&A and corporate development professional. His career started in college, working at a top buy-side advisory firm. During his time there, he was immersed in the trade, gaining valuable knowledge from a diverse team of highly successful industry veterans. At the advisory firm, Connor focused on investment strategies centered around various sectors such as infrastructure, industrials, security, healthcare, environmental, and manufacturing. He began building his expertise by in developing pipelines of high quality leads, crafting detail-oriented thesis content, creating and analyzing financial models, and driving the overall strategy engine from the ground level.

He then joined Montrose Environmental Group (“NYSE:MEG”), where he would spend the next few years developing his skills and gaining valuable transaction experience as an analyst in the Corporate Development department. He engaged himself in all aspects of the M&A process, gaining a comprehensive understanding of each stage. During his tenure at Montrose, Connor led 20+ acquisitions and integrations, contributing to the company’s growth by adding $500M in annual revenue and valuation by 20x. His performance played a pivotal role in supporting Montrose’s largest acquisitions of CTEH and Matrix Solutions as well as their Initial Public Offering in 2021.

With a wealth of experience managing and closing M&A transactions and managing organizational integrations for a rapidly expanding corporation, Connor now joins SCP’s highly efficient operating team. His track record of success and ability to navigate complex deals make him a valuable addition and brings an exceptional client satisfaction element to the team. 

“Premium advisors to the growing and middle markets”

“Our mission is centered on investing in long-term relationships with our clients through independent, trusted, and innovative advice”

“Recognized excellence within the emerging and middle markets.”

 Company Name : Salt Creek Partners

 Website : www.saltcreekpartners.com

 Management Team 

 Connor W. Tobia, Vice President of   Investment Banking Division 

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