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Tejas Chopra – Speaker | Sr. Software Engineer, Netflix

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Tejas Chopra – Speaker | Sr. Software Engineer, Netflix

Tejas, an accomplished Engineering Leader with a strong background in diverse technological domains, has carved a path of remarkable achievements and contributions throughout his career.

Tejas currently serves as a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix Inc., where he plays a crucial role in the development and management of data storage and transfer services for Netflix Studios. Focusing on the data storage layer, Tejas’ team oversees the management of over 500 PB of data in the cloud for all Netflix Studio applications. His responsibilities include leading the design, implementation, and product-market fit of Netflix Drive, a groundbreaking cloud drive technology intended to become the storage solution for Netflix’s extensive range of assets. Additionally, Tejas actively represents Netflix at tech conferences, evangelizing topics such as Cloud, Microservices, Backend, DevOps, and Culture.

Tejas’s career trajectory has showcased significant growth and accomplishments in various roles and organizations:

Tejas worked with Box Inc. As a Technical Leader, Tejas architected smart data placement and lifecycle policies for enterprise content, resulting in cost savings of over $5 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR). Additionally, he increased infrastructure availability from 99.9% to 99.99% through the redesign of storage policies and smart selection of on-premise filers. Tejas’s leadership played a vital role in transitioning the storage service from a monolithic structure to microservices and a storage platform layer, leading to a 100% growth in platform usage.

Datrium, Tejas made significant contributions to designing and building a metadata storage layer for latency-sensitive virtual machines (VMs). He developed an efficient in-house key-value store using LSM trees to store metadata, along with an integrity verification engine and dedupe engine. Furthermore, Tejas’s design and implementation of data management primitives transformed Datrium from a storage solution to a self-protecting enterprise cloud solution. The introduction of innovative features, such as snapshot file retrieval and catalog search engine, played a pivotal role in securing deals worth over $2 million within the first two quarters of their release.

Samsung Semiconductors, As part of the Android Platform team, Tejas designed and implemented a software layer that optimized random writes in the Android storage subsystem into sequential writes for flash storage devices. By increasing Android application performance by over 5%, Tejas contributed to Samsung’s goal of building cheaper flash storage devices with improved performance. This software has been used in over 10 million Samsung Android phones sold since 2015.

Throughout his career, Tejas has demonstrated a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and a passion for driving innovation. His expertise spans a wide range of areas, including cloud computing, microservices, backend systems, DevOps, and blockchain. As an Engineering Leader, Tejas has excelled in architecting scalable and efficient solutions, optimizing storage infrastructure, and enabling seamless data management.

Tejas’s commitment to knowledge sharing is evident through his roles as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Advancing Technology, where he teaches Software Development and Blockchain, and as a Technical Advisor for the Transformational Leadership Program at Cal State East Bay and Nillion, a privacy-preserving computation company. These engagements allow Tejas to mentor and inspire the next generation of technologists while staying connected to emerging trends in the industry.

Tejas’s recognition as a Tech 40 under 40 recipient, an IEEE Senior Member, and a TEDx speaker further highlights his influence and expertise in the field. By actively participating in conferences and events, Tejas contributes to the broader tech community and fosters discussions on topics vital to the industry’s advancement.

In conclusion, Tejas’s position as an Engineering Leader, coupled with his exceptional career growth and insights, has solidified his standing as a respected professional in the technology sector. His contributions to companies like Netflix, Box Inc., Datrium Inc., and Samsung Semiconductors showcase his ability to drive innovation, optimize infrastructure, and deliver impactful solutions. With his expertise and passion for technology, Tejas is well-positioned to continue making significant contributions to the industry and inspiring future generations of engineers.

 Company Name : Netflix Inc

 Website : www.netflix.com

 Management Team                                               Tejas Chopra, Senior Software Engineer

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