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Unleashing the Future: Emapta’s Visionary Approach to Global Workforce Solutions

by Biztechoutlook

Emapta's CEO, Tim Vorbach, Unveils the Innovative 'Emapta Anywhere™' Paradigm in an Exclusive Interview with Biz Tech Outlook

Unleashing the Future: Emapta's Visionary Approach to Global Workforce Solutions

Which industries does your company currently serve, and what industries are you targeting for future growth?

Emapta is industry-agnostic. We can support any industry with job requirements that can be done offshore. The misconception of many businesses is that only CSR roles or VA/admin roles can be done offshore. However, there’s actually many roles that can be done offshore. While we don’t limit our services to any particular industry, the below shows the industries where many of our 7000+ staff come from – IT roles, accounting, customer service, sales and marketing, and admin & back-office roles are the top 5 industries.

How does Emapta ensure a secure and accessible workspace for businesses in its strategically located offices?

Emapta offices are strategically located in major business districts, making it easier for teams to travel to and from work. Each site features full amenities, well-designed workspaces, and robust data privacy and security systems.

  • Highly accessible, commuter friendly business hubs
  • 24/7 security and customizable access control and monitoring
  • Business continuity through multiple offices within our network
  • Fully redundant, high-speed internet, and backup power
  • Proximity to restaurants, cafes, retail and other amenities

What is the most significant change you anticipate in the industry, and how do you plan to adapt to this change?

The pandemic has shifted the mentality of businesses when it comes to remote work – they know now that it is possible. Recent studies show that global business process outsourcing, valued at $261 billion in 2022, is projected to be at $540 billion in 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4%.

To add to this, global employment has drastically changed in the past years, it is harder for many countries to hire and retain talent – there is a global shortage of skilled workers and businesses will start looking offshore to fill these requirements

All staff have dedicated HR business partners, who ensure recurring performance reviews (new staff: 1, 3, 5 months; existing hires: 1year annual performance reviews), salary benchmarking, learning and development through Emapta Academy, engagement activities, Corporate Social Responsibility, company events, leadership training, conversations with executives and mentorship programs, volunteer programs, hobby groups or Emapta Clubs.

How do you envision your future at Emapta?

As Emapta establishes and expands its global recruitment hubs, it will be well positioned to target, nurture, and activate vast pools of talent. Additionally, we will embark on strategic and proactive global advertising, screening, vetting, video profiling, verifying and negotiating terms. This strategy will provide us with ready-to-hire talent for the mainstream/most common roles our clients seek from us before they initiate their first request. We will be at the forefront rather than reactive to our clients’ requisitions.

Our North Star will deliver pre-vetted, high-quality candidates with recorded interviews, worthy of our client’s time to review.

Can you explain what “Emapta Anywhere” is?

Emapta Anywhere™ is our new future-proof work paradigm that gives you access to the best talent from every corner of the country. Your team will all be using a digitally secure remote setup to work from their home from any of our 18 offices or from absolutely anywhere. All are protected by enterprise-grade data security and data loss prevention protocols. Allowing you to seamlessly and more efficiently build and manage a diverse workforce of the very best dedicated employees and freelancers.

By utilizing our state-of-the-art data security and proprietary attendance and performance management tool, innovations in AI, we are able to enable clients to hire their teams across in a hybrid, work from home, or office setup. We also have several offices where employees working from home can use in case of any internet, power interruptions.

Our highly customizable solutions include an array of technologies for you to use according to your business needs and give you full flexibility to operate Your Team, Your Way.

For instance, you are an accounting firm – then we help build your tech stack into your Emapta operating environment. Same if you are in healthcare, then we customize your operating environment to include your software and tools, ensure that it is set up to comply with HIPAA and other security and data compliance, onshore compliance, and we can even mirror your team’s workstation to be exactly how you do it onshore.

Please share the starting point of Emapta and how you managed to bring the company to its current success.

Emapta’s journey began in pursuit of a solution. In the early 2000’s, the company’s founder and CEO, Tim Vorbach had just opened a new business in Australia and was looking to generate fresh, high-quality leads. Tim’s core team needed some help in searching for good leads, which they found in several third-party service providers in Philippines, a top network outsourcing destination. While the leads proved to be a success, Tim felt constrained by the lack of control over the entire outsourcing process. Eventually, he would adopt a hybrid working model with his Philippine team that would later form the basis of Emapta’s dedicated staffing system. Based on his outsourcing experience, Tim went back to the Philippines to find a better solution. Impressed by the work ethic of Filipinos, Tim realized that he could work directly with them to achieve his vision without relying on third-party providers. Taking a big leap of faith, he moved his family to Manila and built his own outsourcing company in the country. Fun fact: Emapta is an acronym that stands for the first name of Tim’s family members, as he believes that family is also what the organization stands for.

Emapta was the brainchild of Tim’s search for a better solution to his outsourcing problems and to support his businesses abroad. The dedicated offshore staffing model of Emapta, which allows you to create your own team your way, proved to be so effective that Tim realized that his solution can also work for other types of businesses. Emapta started with just a modest office of around 50 employees, but Tim was fully in charge and motivated in disrupting the outsourcing market. Unlike other outsourcing providers, Emapta’s dedicated offshore staffing model allows business leaders to take charge of their offshore team right down to the details in the same way Tim did.

This strategy proved to be a success: over a decade later, Emapta has grown into a 7,000+ strong team with over 18 offices in 6 countries. And from a handful of pioneering clients, Emapta now serves over 700 clients, empowering each one to take control of their business and reach their full potential.

“Emapta Anywhere™ is our new future-proof work paradigm that gives you access to the best talent”

“The pandemic has shifted the mentality of businesses when it comes to remote work”

“Emapta establishes and expands its global recruitment hubs”

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