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Serving and Healing Heroes with Honor

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Serving and Healing Heroes with Honor

Do you provide any specific training to your employee? Do you upgrade their skills with certification?

At Tactical Rehabilitation, we provide specialized training to our employees, and we believe in certifying ourselves as qualified individuals. For every role in our company, we adhere to industry specific training, and enhance with our internal training, to ensure every team member is qualified for the work they do. Beyond training and initial certification, we offer on-going training to ensure certified individuals maintain up-to-date information about their segment of our industry. In addition to the in-house company training that spans numerous areas from HIPAA to provide the best quality of service and respect to our patients and doctors, from our systematic training to teamwork, partnering, and leadership development, we require all employees to become certified in the industry segment. Our Patient Care Specialists must pass and maintain one or more, typically multiple, medical certifications relative to the work our team performs with patients. Our Medical Records and Billing Teams must pass certifications in these areas to be on the team.

As we work in the industry that has set payment values regardless of the quality of brand of product a provider brings to the military, and since we bring the best products, which usually cost us far more than other products, we could off lessor quality, it is imperative we foster excellence within our team and reward them for being that much better, slimmer margins require higher productivity and higher efficiencies in our operations. Better educated people make this possible and, more importantly, makes it far better care and concern for our patients, ensuring we serve them with the honor and respect they are certainly due.

Setting higher goals and expectations of our team members is also a critical path to a happier employee. Many come on board and, in the process, find the training and development a daunting task to meet just our minimum standards of knowledge, care, conduct, teamwork, and professionalism. However, we have this in bite sized step-by-step advancement through our readiness programmes, and as team members achieve each new level and step, a sense of pride and honor comes about them in achieving goals and becoming the best they can be.

 We also compensate for this excellence. Achieving critical steps in this path of education marks milestones for which we add compensation for our employees just for being excellent and carrying the certifications. As long as they retain those certifications, they get the extra compensation. This ensures continuous education is a crucial Three-way motivator that keeps our team highly educated and highly sought out by our doctors and patients. It is yet another element of our highly acclaimed “Tactical Experience.”

Can you explain to us why “Sole Supports custom orthotics” is the leading orthotics in the industry?

Tactical Rehabilitation partnered with Sole Supports as a strategic initiative to show the world, we would bring only the leading products to the US service members. “Sole Supports” Founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ed Glaser, developed the Mass Posture Theory, debunking the previous orthotic beliefs, and created a solution that actually heals not only the foot mechanics through proper fitting and wear, works to align the Musculo-skeletal system ensuring a better body frame to work from.

Dr.Glaser’s designs include: constant contact with the foot, which prevents slamming into the orthotic creating bruising and sore spots; maintaining maximum arch support in all gate aspects, ensuring the foot, over time, aligns itself back into proper mechanical positioning; weight calibrated to the individual person; a custom cast when the foot is at rest, creating the ability to capture the ability to heal as opposed to casting the foot when it is collapsed in its worst position, leaving no ability to improve one’s condition like almost all other orthotics.

There are a number of additional critical benefits that make “Sole Supports” the only real choice for patients and doctors that want to maximize healing.

Tactical Rehabilitation has the exclusive rights of “Sole Supports” product supply to US Military. We have brought new products in multi-functional TENS/IF/NMES that brings better quality and reduce the cost to the US Government. We are introducing a series of new top of the line market exceeding products in other areas this year again that will ensure better healing power and an increase in “service ready” status to our men and women in uniform.

Why specifically Tactical Rehabilitation serves only to the service members and other national security supporters?

Tactical Rehabilitation focuses their efforts on providing top of the line DME to Active-Duty service men & women, Veterans, and their families because, in 2013, our founder, David Marr recognized that there was a severe disparity in the quality of DME resources available to service men and women. Our team is passionate about improving the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for us.

What is the mission and vision of your company?

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and the highest level of service to all our patients. Our goal is to provide the service through highly trained team members with a heart for serving service members. We feel it is our honor to serve the men and women of the United States Military, and with the vast majority of our company having served in the military or a family member of one that has served the nation, it is our mission to bring the best possible care to those who are currently serving or have served the nation, and to their families.

What are the products & services provided by your company?

Tactical Rehab serves Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to active-duty service men & women, ex-service members & their families. Tactical Rehabilitation is the exclusive provider of “Sole Support Orthotics” to service members and offers custom casting and fitting of orthotics. We provide DME solutions to our patients with an intense focus on Bio-mechanical, Musculo-skeletal, non-pharmaceutical pain relief, and Para-Somnia based solitons.

What is the success story and initial struggle faced by your company?

Tactical Rehabilitation quickly gained traction with our patients and doctors as the only company particularly focused on serving the service men & women. This has gained attention and garnered considerable interest for us as a company that best understands our patients, their needs, and their struggles to become well again, and ensures we remain focused on well-qualified solutions.

Can you share us the professional history about your team and the CEO of the company?

Kevin MacRitchie is the Chief Executive Officer for Tactical Rehabilitation Inc., with over thirty years of experience working in Healthcare, Education, Government, and the IT industry. Kevin works tirelessly to combine technology-based initiatives and quality medical devices to create the best possible patient experience, earning the highly coveted IFAH Top 100 Healthcare Visionaries award in 2020-2021. Kevin specializes in high Customer Satisfaction, Information Technology, and Process Engineering Leadership to ensure the best possible healthcare for America’s heroes, our American Military and their families.

Karen Lyons leads the company’s financial, legal, compliance, and human resources operations across all areas. She also supports the company’s ongoing expansion efforts into new markets, both nationally and globally.            

Scott Forste is a Senior Manager of Operations East for Tactical Rehabilitation. He advocates for patient service that result in a shorter recovery time and long-term positive results. He is a strong believer in providing the highest quality care from dedicated and passionate medical professionals.

Ben Alicea is the Senior Manager of Operations West and serves as a Certified Pedorthist and Certified Orthotic Fitter to aid with all company and patient needs.

Kyle Meeks is the Senior Manager of Special Operations at Tactical Rehabilitation. He tackles problems and solutions through forward and outside-the-box thinking. Kyle finds alternative and more efficient business processes to ensure Tactical Rehabilitation stays on the cutting edge of the industry while preserving the excellence they strive for in serving the United States Military, Veterans, and their Families.

Our team is built by amazing individuals, with the majority coming from a military background. We are honoured to have received the Gold Standard award with HireVets in 2022 and the pending Platinum Level status for 2023.

 “We care about of all our veterans and service members”

 “We care for our veterans, service members and their families, who challenges their life for our civilian wellbeing”


 Company Name : Tactical Rehabilitation Inc

 Website : www.tacticalrehabdme.com

 Management Team                                           Kevin MacRitchie, Cheif Executive Officer     

 Karen Lyons, Chief Financial Officer/Chief   Legal  Officer                                                 

 Scott Forste, Senior Manager of Operations   East  

 Ben Alicea, Senior Manager of Operations   West                                                                   

 Kyle Meeks, Senior Manager of Special   Operations

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