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WebAccountPlus – Worldwide Digitalization Solution Provider

by Biztechoutlook

In an exclusive interview with Biz Tech Outlook, we delve into how WebAccountPlus is spearheading the transformation of business digitization and empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on a global scale

WebAccountPlus - Worldwide Digitalization Solution Provider

What is WebAccount Plus, and what industries does your company support?

WebAccountPlus exists as a holding structure based in Switzerland. We develop software ourselves and also integrate established third party systems via SSO. We offer the entire package as SaaS to our future subsidiaries and local partners in the financial industry. These in turn operate as so-called accounting factories in the respective countries and make the package available to the end customers, i.e. SMEs, including accounting services. Both partners and their end customers (i.e. SMEs) become part of our world’s first eco-system for companies of all types – regardless of size, sector or geographical location. The total package includes all accounting services, a digital business consultancy and free access to the entire software package; the use is largely included in the final price for the preparation of accounting including annual financial statements.

Can you name the unique features and benefits of WebAccountPlus that make it stand out in the market of digital solutions for corporate customers?

We are the first organization ever to support the complete digitization of a company, starting with the physical receipt of mail, through all business processes including booking, the complete monitoring of all relevant KPIs of a company in real time, to digital support and consulting, as well as the output of mail. In the future, SMEs will decide for themselves when and from whom they need advice and in what form.

How does WebAccountPlus address the specific needs of micro and small businesses worldwide, and what impact does this have on their growth and efficiency?

With the complete digitalization and optimization of work processes, a micro and small business can focus 100% on its core business. The company does not need to know anything about accounting and business management. We take practically 80% of the client’s office work off his hands, advise him digitally and help him make the right decisions for his business on an ongoing basis. In addition, he can at any time request professional strategy advice such as the creation of a balanced score card from a professional consultant (bank, insurance, tax consultant) and thus increase his performance in the medium term. He has a competitor comparison at any time and receives digital advice in real time on what he should improve, how, when and where – across all disciplines such as purchasing, sales, marketing, quoting, etc.

How does your company support its customers in the phase following the introduction of full digitization?

We conduct free introductory courses and training on an ongoing basis. The customer should be able to operate the simple system himself. This reduces our support costs to a minimum. As before, he will be supported by his direct contact, i.e. by the employees of the local Accounting Factory, or his current trained accounting firm. Online tutorials are also available. Furthermore, our digital company advisor supports him in real time in the event of ongoing business problems. This advisor recognizes areas of action and, if necessary, continuously suggests measures that the entrepreneur should implement. Imagine a robot that is with the entrepreneur, for example, as an invisible companion on the construction site. It whispers things to him immediately when action is needed. He automatically executes invoices, payments, etc. Physical mail is a thing of the past. The customer can request support at any time via his tax advisor or with WebAccountPlus.

What role do AI and automation play in the WebAccountPlus offerings and how do they reduce the administrative burden for companies?

AI and automation are central to our eco-system. Invoices and receipts are continuously evaluated and optimized using AI, including accounting logic. Our Digital Company Advisor is constantly learning – and this ultimately benefits all participants in the Eco-System. Since the customer has virtually all of his company data in the cloud, his administrative effort is reduced by about 80%. He no longer needs to worry about physical mail. Invoices are recognized, released manually. After that, everything runs fully automatically. Should one or more key figures develop in the wrong direction, our system detects this in real time. Depending on the configuration, it will be possible in the future that a request (employee position, purchase of goods, request for financing or investment etc.) is generated via our platform, in which then third party partners such as banks, factoring companies, insurances, suppliers, job portals etc. can answer this request with an offer – if the offer is accepted, an order will be triggered etc.

Here is an example of such a described automation (we cover the most different use cases):

In today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, how does WebAccountPlus ensure it stays at the forefront of innovation and technology leadership?

Our partners have an enormously strong network of relationships. We can respond to the latest trends immediately. We cover all generations from Gen Z to baby boomers and beyond. Our architecture is very well thought out – and there is a lot of business know-how and experience in our offering.

Could you explain your plans for the future of the company, including expansion into new countries and growth of your product and service offering?

WebAccountPlus consists of a holding company based in Switzerland that offers patent box, software development and SaaS mainly in the Swiss cloud. As we are in discussion, we are now looking for strong partners from the financial industry to build local accounting factories country by country with high-end consulting in a joint venture. Ideally with an existing accounting firm or bank or insurance company. The local firm in turn will then acquire or merge with other accounting firms with their end clients. They can all use the software package almost indefinitely as a white label at no additional cost – everything is included in the accounting fees. So ideally, an SME doesn’t have to worry about digitization, accounting or finances and their interpretation at all. It can concentrate fully on its core business.

In which countries does your company currently operate, and which country presents the greatest challenges? How are you overcoming these challenges?

Our first pilot customers in Switzerland have been in production since July 2023. In a few months, other countries in the Middle and Far East will follow. Likewise, we are already in preparation for Europe and Africa.

Parts of our software are already in use in 60 countries around the world. We can put several countries into operation in parallel. Which countries come first is not important to us. What is important is a local, trustworthy, well-connected partner with an existing customer base, political stability, infrastructure and energy supply. Local reporting requirements, for example, are covered by the local accounting systems used.

Can you elaborate on your commitment to sustainability and explain how the paperless office solutions help protect the rainforest?

Our digitization offering makes a company’s office virtually paperless. Countless trees no longer need to be cut down for paper needs. The productivity of SMEs is massively strengthened by our digital business management support. An entrepreneur gets immediate financing when the bank or a lender can assess the risks much better. More capital and productivity of SMEs ultimately mean a strengthening of the middle class and an increase in prosperity. General education increases. Repetitive work is replaced by the machine on the one hand – but the productivity increase gained leaves a positive balance in the buzzer.

How does WebAccountPlus enable its clients to access finance and support healthy business growth through its tools and solutions?

In the future, each of our micro and small customers will necessarily need an accountant. The company receives all tools including all accounting work including the annual financial statement for a fixed monthly price. This setup ensures that all company data is verified by a professional and is available and can be shared in real time in the cloud.

A financing requirement as well as the type is automatically detected by our Digital Company Advisor in real time. In the future, WebAccountPlus will make the requirement available on its mediation platform in an anonymized form. All connected financing companies can digitally put in an offer in a matter of seconds based on predefined and provided KPIs. A financier gets an unprecedented opportunity to place his offers and minimize his risks. At closing, he has free, ongoing credit monitoring in real time. And not only from financial accounting data – no also on sales activities, success rates, liquidity, creditworthiness of suppliers and customers, competitor comparisons, insights into HR (quality of its employees) etc. of the borrower; we work closely with the inventor of the Balanced Score Card (ESM Group – Mr. Kaplan and Mr. Norton – they are trained in all management schools worldwide as a reference), especially for micro and small businesses. We have developed industry templates for micro and small business owners to provide strategy consulting and situation analysis of a company. In a single consultation with the bank, business consultant or trustee, the data is entered into the system. From then on, there is a continuous monitoring of the achievement of objectives, etc. If goals and strategies are missed, the banker, for example, can proactively intervene and support the entrepreneur with advice to get the company back on track.

Work culture plays a crucial role in increasing productivity and profits. Can you give us some insights into your company’s work culture?

In football they used to say: 11 friends you shall be. Well – our company as a holding company is kept lean – but everyone has known each other for many years. We are a healthy mix of young and old; that means from generation Z to baby boomers, everyone knows their skills and tasks. Agile processes and a very flat management hierarchy allow us to move at an incredible speed. We respect each other and, above all, everyone puts their ego aside and puts themselves at the service of the “team”. This also works excellently inter-culturally. Because we live similar values. This is not a coincidence. Some exponents of WebAccountPlus have gained years of experience abroad with different cultures. This is now paying off.

Could you briefly introduce yourself and name a specific activity that helps you stay focused and energized?

I am a positive person, I believe in God and I like to read the Bible. Often I’m out in nature on my mountain bike – looking at the beautiful mountains and the vastness – then I’m just bubbling over with new ideas. We have an incredibly strong team. In addition, my wife is a very important partner and caregiver.

When did you discover your entrepreneurial spirit and what led you to start WebAccountPlus?

I’ve been enterprising since my earliest youth, always trying new things and pushing the envelope. 25 years ago I started my own business as a consultant. When I returned to Switzerland from South Africa, I was involved in a digitization project for SMEs with one of my co-founders and partners – we had already developed an idea back then, which unfortunately was not understood enough by the clients at the time. Then we decided to invest our time and money ourselves and not let anyone stop us. The idea grew and expanded many times over – until finally WebAccountPlus was born almost 2 years ago. We have received and invested many millions of USD from the private sector so far. We wanted to remain completely independent from outside third parties and investors for as long as possible and go live with the first customers and see that the offer is accepted by the market. We succeeded in doing that.

Can you explain your mission statement and vision in more detail, especially with regard to the role of people and the environment in your business model?

In the future, complete digitization will make it possible to give every country in the world and every person access to capital and significant business support, regardless of a company’s origin. This will benefit the entrepreneur, the financier and, above all, the respective country itself. After all, SMEs are the engine of every economy and thus of prosperity. With the help of the WebAccountPlus Eco-System, a technologically less developed country can suddenly be on a par with Western Europe or the USA.

Finally, what is the driving force behind WebAccountPlus’ partnerships with local banks, insurance companies and trustees, and how do your end customers benefit?

It’s impossible to think you can do everything yourself. Man is indeed an individual. But as a social being, he needs his fellow human beings or his competitors. We know the different needs from the point of view of entrepreneurs, but also from the perspective of banks, insurance companies and fiduciaries. Providing service and customer satisfaction is a big part of our DNA. This is probably the biggest motivation: WebAccountPlus wants to bring all market participants to the same table and get the best possible results together. The end customer, i.e. the SME, should only have to concentrate on his core business. The rest is done for him by his partners. This is how a WIN-WIN-WIN situation works.

 Company Name : WebAccountPlus

 Website : www.webaccountplus.com/en

 Management Team

 Roland Stähli, Chairman, CEO & Founder
 Dr. Peter Pop, Board Member
 Patrick Schöni, Co-Founder & Board   Member
 René Heusser, Board Member
 Michael Scherer, Board Member   Switzerland
 Dusan Sichrovsky, CTO & Board Member 

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